“The One Thing”

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What is your “One” thing?  “It’s for you to figure out”.  Has anyone out there ever seen the movie City Slickers?  The late Jack Palance told Billy Crystal in the movie that the secret of life is one thing and it’s different for everybody.  I’ve been reading a book by Keller William’s founder, Gary Keller, called “The One thing”.  What I’ve learned in order to be successful is to simplify things.  This can apply to business, to your relationships, to your life.  Figure out what is most important and focus on that.  Not only will you be more successful, but you will experience less stress by not focusing on the day to day grind and clutter that can beat you up over time.  Discover what’s important to you, focus on that, and you will be much happier and more successful!  If you are interested in learning more, are struggling in your personal or professional life, looking for meaning, or want to be inspired…I highly encourage you to read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.