Dedicating Time To Working Out

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So, how does a personal trainer turned Realtor still get his workouts in…good question.  I truly appreciate how difficult it is being on the other side of the equation.  I always took it for granted and wondered why some of the people I trained would more or less not exercise.  To be perfectly honest, I have had a hard time with it too.  We all have excuses…even old trainers.  It comes down to three things…prioritizing, time-blocking, and honoring that commitment.  If it’s important enough for you to commit to, then start by putting it in your calendar.  If you put it in your calendar, guess what, that doesn’t mean it gets done.  You have to honor that time you blocked off for exercise by doing it.  Easy enough, right?  It should be…but it’s not.  Why do people still have a difficult time with this?  Maybe it’s human nature.  Feel free to brainstorm and comment.  In my next blog I will comment on what has helped me with my commitments.