A Career Change = A Lifestyle Change!

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A career change for me has come with a lifestyle change too.  For one, I had to go out and buy pants!  FYI, I hate clothes shopping.  I had worn workout clothes to work for many, many years.  Now I wear dress slacks and something of the equivalent up top.  Two, as a personal trainer, I more or less did mini-workouts all day long…at the very least I was moving all day long.  On a break between clients, I’d get my own workout in.  As a Realtor, I more or less sit all day long.  Phone calls, notes, social media, driving, classes, etc.  Yes, I show homes and walk some, but it’s not the same.  This has been a difficult adjustment!  So, how have I coped?  Have you ever had a career change that affected your lifestyle?   I would love to hear your comments!