Changing Careers Into Real Estate

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Changing careers after becoming a self-proclaimed expert in one field for 16 years isn’t an easy task.  I was a personal trainer and health educator.  This was my degree, my certifications, my continuing education, my experience, etc.  I could go on, but I’ll spare you the redundancyJ.   I made my decision based on one main thing…my girls.  My wife and two daughters deserve a future with all the opportunities in front of them.  Opportunities that given my past career pathway, I didn’t see it working.  That’s all the motivation I needed.  Always remember what’s driving you because sacrifices by everyone will have to be made.  Meaning; late nights, dinners missed, weekends turn into work days, and the dog misses his ball playing.  Your motivation will be your foundation and help you “attempt for an equilibrium in life”.